Item = 6756

Stand Magnifier or called Table Loupe

Focus Adjustable by controlling the lens holder up and down.

28 dpt

Ø 35 mm


Stand Magnifier rests flat on the page, and do not need to be held above the page. Therefore, they are not tiring to hold above the page or frustrating to hold steady, like a hand-held magnifier may be.

The focusing distance of Stand Magnifier is set by simply placing the magnifier on the page;

Stand Magnifier is helpful for longer reading periods;

Non-illuminated Stand Magnifier is fairly inexpensive and easy to use.

Important Notice :

Lens Diameter = Ø

dioptre (UK) = diopter (US) = dpt 

The diopter is the unit of measure for the refractive power of a lens. The power of a lens is defined as the reciprocal of its focal length in meters, or D = 1/f, where D is the power in diopters and f is the focal length in meters.

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